5 Steps for Risk Assessment in Manufacturing

Workplace accidents in manufacturing can grind production to a halt. Assembly lines are built around maximizing efficiency and delivering a high volume of quality products. To meet these goals, safety can be sidelined, leading to devastating legal consequences. This is why risk assessment in manufacturing is so important. OSHA has no mandates for specific machine […]

Nanobubbles: A New Frontier in Produce Manufacturing

produce manufacturing

Providing our clients with the highest quality of automated machine tools requires investigating the newest and latest inventions. At Custom Cut Metals, we are constantly seeking innovations to cut costs and increase efficiency to make this a possibility. This is why we’ve directed our current research efforts into nanobubble technology as the next step in […]

Keeping Machine Automation for Fresh Cut Produce Affordable: A Case Study

machine automation

Automation is the future of manufacturing, but big price tags have kept small businesses from taking full advantage of this technology. This no longer may be the case with machine automation. For a larger company, an expensive piece of machinery might be a drop in the bucket, especially compared to the long-term savings that these […]

Lean Manufacturing: Streamlining Solutions Through Custom Equipment

lean manufacturing

Is lean manufacturing the right methodology for your business? Depending on how long you’ve been in the manufacturing space, you’ve probably seen a lot of manufacturing buzzwords come and go. Six Sigma, for instance, may have had its heyday when employed at General Electric in 1995, but it has been criticized for its over-reliance on […]