Nanobubbles: A New Frontier in Produce Manufacturing

Providing our clients with the highest quality of automated machine tools requires investigating the newest and latest inventions. At Custom Cut Metals, we are constantly seeking innovations to cut costs and increase efficiency to make this a possibility. This is why we’ve directed our current research efforts into nanobubble technology as the next step in produce manufacturing.

Through the use of ozone sterilization distributed through extremely small bubbles in a body of water, produce like fruits and vegetables can be cleaned more efficiently and faster than ever. We are currently investigating how this can be implemented in our own machining tools while maintaining our ongoing mission to keep costs as low for the customer as possible. Read more on how we are implementing nanobubble technology to ensure quality, efficiency, and good health.

What Are Nanobubbles? How Are They Used in Produce Manufacturing?

Keeping produce from contamination is one of the most critical parts in the distribution of agricultural products. Failing to keep fruits and vegetables clean can lead to E. coli contamination, a deadly prospect that is detrimental for good business and good health.

In practice, many manufacturers use chemical treatments to remove these deadly pathogens from produce. While doing this keeps consumers safe, chemicals can be expensive, alter the taste of the produce, and isn’t necessarily designed for human consumption. With multiple factors working against these treatment methods, companies have turned to alternative manufacturing processes to enhance taste while ensuring food-borne illness isn’t served on the side with dinner.

Nanobubble sanitization is the process of cleaning produce by introducing oxygen, ozone, and carbon dioxide in the form of extremely small bubbles. When introduced into a tank with fruits or vegetables, they eliminate pathogens, molds, pesticides, and funguses from produce without inserting artificial chemicals or other undesirable contaminants into the food.

How Do Nanobubbles Work?

Nanobubbles have unique characteristics that make them different from ordinary bubbles. While you might imagine a bubble to float to the surface of whatever container it is held in, nanobubbles possess special properties that allow them to remain suspended in the body of water they are held in. Being over 100 times smaller than normal bubbles, they are negatively charged – they naturally attract to positively charged pollutants and toxins in whatever environment they are placed in, rendering them inactive.

The use-cases for this kind of technology are limitless. Environmental organizations have begun deploying nanobubbles into lakes to remove algal blooms, and nanobubble machines are also used in waste water management. It can also be used in cleaning produce by clinging to the edges of any fruit or vegetable and removing all of the contaminants off of the surface. Efficient, clean, and without the chemical processes of other kinds of produce treatment, nanobubble sanitation is exceptionally effective.

The size of nanobubbles and their natural attraction to bacteria allows the entire surface area of any produce to be cleaned. Many smaller manufacturers use sprayer components in their conveyor belt to do this work – while effective and quick, this method leaves some margin for error, a dangerous proposition when you factor in the dangers of E. coli. Nanobubbles eliminate this possibility by design.

Cutting Edge Produce Manufacturing Design Starts at Custom Cut Metals

Our research into nanobubble technology is just one of the many ways that we are delivering the highest quality of machining tools to manufacturers across the country. At Custom Cut Metals, we are in the business of providing our customers with cutting edge tools available at a price that won’t break your budget. Developments like machine automation have changed the way goods are produced for major manufacturers, leaving smaller businesses struggling to meet increased demands. Recognizing this, we design and build tools that use the same advanced technologies, at prices that won’t put you in the red.

In conversation with our clients, we are able to get a feel for what their needs as a business are, and how our tools can assist them. But we aren’t just here to offer products – we offer solutions. That’s why we are constantly inventing new methods to solve manufacturing problems, even when it means designing new or customized tools to meet those ends. We’re not afraid to experiment with new tools like nanobubbles, or even tweak existing ones to enhance your manufacturing line. When you need equipment optimized to the needs of your company, contact Custom Cut Metals first.