3 Features Custom Food Processing Equipment Needs

Custom food processing equipment provides a slew of benefits to those in the food manufacturing space. Automation alone has been a game-changer for the industry, but tweaking machines to perfectly align with your manufacturing process can eliminate bottlenecks and maximize productivity.

The food manufacturing space has struggled with staffing issues for decades – a report by Food Manufacturing earlier this month suggests that 73% of workers are currently considering their jobs.  With the disconnect between available jobs and the unemployed at its highest levels since such data has started being tracked, automation provides a viable alternative to the hiring crisis.

With the ROI of automation estimated at around 24 months, it has largely been seen as the future of the industry at large. While it is generally accepted that custom food processing equipment can help automate your productivity to new levels, what specific features matter most to ensure you get the most value for your dollar?

3 Features to Consider in Custom Food Processing Equipment

Removable Features

Automation works faster, longer, and harder than line workers. However, it can’t do everything alone. Custom food processing equipment needs to be designed for easy disassembly for the tasks it cannot do itself, namely cleaning and maintenance.

Custom food processing equipment has grown advanced enough that you can often use tools to predict downtime in advance, as well as calculate the precise times a machine needs to be sterilized to reduce interruptions into a workflow and remain compliant with food safety laws. However, downtime with these machines is a necessary part of their function.

By considering how removable features play into the operation of your custom food processing equipment, you can strongly reduce the amount of time preparing machines for work. Additionally, removable features should take your food manufacturing line’s setup into the grand picture. If a piece of equipment isn’t in an area that people can easily reach and operate, it will be difficult to perform these tasks and keep downtime to a minimum.

Capacity and Dimensions

Every food manufacturing line is a little bit different – shouldn’t your food processing equipment be customized to the shape of your production line? While standard sizes exist for equipment like conveyors, carts, tables, and much more, designing equipment that meets precise capacity requirements on your manufacturing line can ensure more product and less waste.

Purchasing machinery and equipment that is too large or too small can not only cost you more in the long run, it can also produce less desirable consistency when it doesn’t match the precise specifications. This can cause tremendous problems for your business. By ensuring that all of your automation is calibrated to work with each other in capacity size and dimensions, you will achieve the best quality and command a better product.

Variable Frequency Drives

As a food manufacturer, your primary objective is to deliver as many goods as quickly as possible. However, poor consistency or low accuracy in ingredient application can detract from your business by providing lower quality of your foodstuffs. Variable frequency drives that can be operated and adjusted by hand can ensure that you are working as quickly as possible without any surprises.

When You Need Custom Food Processing Equipment, Think Custom Cut Metals

Automation is a powerful addition to any assembly line, and food manufacturing has become increasingly reliant on it to keep up with both demand and staffing. Custom automation can further enhance your manufacturing line by precisely turning each piece of machinery into your overall layout, reducing bottlenecks and waste while increasing quality and productivity.

Custom Cut Metals helps food industry manufacturers meet their efficiency needs by understanding common problems in the industry and implementing top-quality solutions with cutting-edge techniques. We understand the ins and outs of food manufacturing, and can create customized machinery designed specifically around your business. Contact us today to learn more about our services.